I want to correct the tax return

I paid for the tax return but I found out that there is a mistake in it and I need to correct it.
You can correct your tax return even after payment. You can find a link to correct the tax return in the e-mail we sent you.

There is a mistake in my tax return

The application does not take into account tax credits.
We recommend that you go back to your tax return via the “Correct the Data” option. After the application loads, make sure you have checked the fields for individual tax credits (mortgage, children, gifts etc.) in step 2. Fill in the data and we will promptly send you the corrected tax return by e-mail.
Your application has miscalculated my tax.
It’s hard to find out this way where the mistake is. It will be better if you send us a description of the problem, i.e. what you think the problem is and mark the line to which the mistake relates, to podpora@neotax.eu. We will have the tax return checked by our accountants and we will get back to you.
I was unemployed for 5 months but there is no such field in the application.
That is right. Unemployment benefits are not included in the tax return.
I have a very specific query: I sold a property, my wife does not work, we have 2 children, what to fill in …?
You can ask our tax advisor about this type of queries. The service is charged. If you are interested in consultancy, please write to podpora@neotax.eu.
Can I trust that the tax return is correct?
We have prepared the application so that it is understandable even for laymen. We cannot assess whether you have filled in the appropriate lines as instructed, so we cannot determine whether you have completed the tax return correctly. If you have any doubts, we can offer you a consultation with a tax advisor. The price is CZK 500/hour.

I have a problem with payment

It is not possible to pay by card.
If you are sure that you have enough money in your account, there may be a problem on the side of Česká spořitelna. You can retry the payment a few minutes later or pay by online bank transfer (GoPay), incl. PayPal. If still not able, you can use bank transfer to our account. Instructions can be found on the page after unsuccessful payment but the price is increased by a handling fee of CZK 20.
I sent a DMS but I did not receive any code or answer.
It is possible that this service is inactive on your mobile (again common for corporate mobile phones or some tariffs). We recommend calling your operator to activate the service and then retry sending the DMS again.

I have a problem to download or print

I have prepared a tax return but I cannot find it.
Just contact us at podpora@neotax.eu and give the e-mail to which your tax return has been sent. We will look it up in the system and send it to you again.
I am not able to download the tax return
You may not have Adobe Reader installed. We recommend that you download or open the tax return on another computer.